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Your signature is your psychological calling card. It is the way you want people to see you. With that in mind we scrounged up some notables' signatures and asked Alice to tell us what they say.

Bill Clinton

Former U.S. President - "Loyal to what he believes to be true. Has a strong desire to achieve his goals. He asserts himself but is anxious to please others. This may cause him to emotionally withdraw temporarily, but he can bounce back easily. Though he may appear soft, there is a great deal of aggression underneath."

Jay Leno

Talk Show Host- "A people pleaser... welcomes interaction with others... likes happy endings... rather whimsical... very self reliant and needs private time."

Oprah Winfrey

Talk Show Host & Actress - "Tremendous amount of showmanship, but inside it all she's a very private person. Protection of family and self. Very self-reliant. A prove-it-to-me person. In past, memories will linger. Nobody will every know everything about her. Someone who has overcome many obstacles."

Sam Donaldson

Television Anchorman - "Most decisive. Holds firm to his beliefs. Showmanship... some impatience. Very cautious before making major decisions. Insatiable curiosity. Can"cut to the quick.'"