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Alice's Biography

Alice Weiser is world-renowned as a Graphoanalysist, the science of giving insight into the hidden messages of a person's handwriting, body language, and their voice inflection. Alice has been an expert in this unique field for more than 27 years, and has provided her talents to prosecutors and defense attorneys in many high profile cases, in the selection of jurors and witnesses. She is also in demand by major corporations in the evaluation and selection of key executives and personnel.

Alice regularly serves major broadcast and cable news networks as an expert in the analysis of high profile criminals. She has been featured on MSNBC and CNN as she evaluated such high profile cases as the Unibomber-Ted Kozinsky, The Rail Car killer, Herb Applewhite, and the Columbine killers. She even appeared on Court TV, and evaluated the infamous ransom note found after the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, and provided numerous TV and radio programs insight to the honesty of John and Patsy Ramsey when they made their first TV appearance. Prior to election 2000 she evaluated the presidential candidates on major news programs.

Since the release of her new book, "Judge The Jury," (Kendall-Hunt Publishing / Jan. 2000), Alice Weiser has become a popular talk show guest, and has been heard on hundreds of radio programs. In her book, readers quickly discover the powerful advantage of being able to "read" people - their handwriting - their body language & their facial expressions.

A native of Massachusetts, Alice is a graduate of Boston University and received her certification from The Institute of Graphoanalysis. She was selected in 1995 as International Graphoanalyst of the Year. Alice is a popular keynote speaker and entertainer on major cruise lines. She is a witty, fascinating and entertaining personality, and delivers a myriad of thought-provoking advice and information.

A Few Words From Our Clients

Thank you again for a terrific presentation. You were quite impressive in your ability to pinpoint personality attributes.

Karen M. Beaney,
Personnel Management Specialist
Department of Army Fort Brag

Alice Weiser reads handwriting as though it were an autobiography and interprets body language as though it were a sign language.

Michael Louis Minns,
Attorney at Law

Your recent in depth analysis of the signatures I sent you was the most incisive, penetrating, and "on target" reading I have ever seen.

M.J. Morse,
Wetmore and Co.

It is a pleasure having you as one of our health awareness professionals. Thank you for "touching" our guests in a very special way.

Angie Day,
Executive Director The Phoenix

The conference was a resounding success. This success can be attributed to your very popular classes.

Bette Anne German,
Education Assistant World Presidents Organization

Your program was a definite hit! There was standing room only and we heard great comments on your presentation.

Barbara Emerick,
Assistant Staff Vice President National Association of Homebuilders

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